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Top 5 installers APK for Android updated 2018

There are mobile tools allow you to do more with APK files like uninstall or extract them. Find the most trustworthy installers to set up APK for Android.

Google Play Store is the authorized app provider for Android devices. Casual users can install applications easily from this store.

Installing APK for Android sounds a bit like a geek thing that may confuse many people.

While Play Store contains the official apps all users can search and install following the same steps, APK downloads online are marked as third-party apps.

In other words, these apps are absent on the store. The .apk apps require manual manipulation similar to the .exe files on PC.

The difference is Android devices can’t work alone to install APK files properly.

That is why you need to check out these APK installers for Android to make the process much more comfortable.

For more information about apk installation, please come to visit

Before the installation, you need to:

Switch on the “Unknown source” to allow installing unauthorized apps on the device.

Go to Settings -> General -> Security

You will see the box unchecked. Tick on it.

Installing apps using APK installers require you to have .apk files on the SD card first hand.


Do some searches on the internet and find the APK file download for free; then, load and save them to the memory card used on your mobile device.

The best installers for APK on Android


Since you are interested in finding the best drivers for APK files, you are in the right place.

The apps are listed as being easy to find and considered to be the best installers available.

Move ahead.

You can explore a library of apks at

APK Installer



The name has said everything the app does. You can search for it on Google Store. Once it’s all set up, it can access the APK files on your SD card in the device.

From here you can tap to install the APK. The app even allows you to Copy, Delete, Rename and email the file. You can also browse folders from this application.

APK Extractor

This app on Google Play Store is free to download. You can look for it by entering the name on the search bar and have it placed on your device.

APK Extractor enables you to extract .apk files from the installed apps. You can send the files via email.

The newest release of this app has updated the bug-fixed and added security filters for a better experience.

Get more experience on apks by clicking on

Easy Installer

The app is able to scan the APK file types on your external storage and create a cache while building the list.

Its primary feature is to install the coded files to your handset. As the list of apps appears, you can select the app you wish to install, then click on the “Install Selected Apps” option.

You can act on the list inside this app like batching install, deleting the files, or searching for the package.

APK Installer

Though the name of this app is the same with the first one on this list, it comes from a different developer.

Basically, it provides a method for users to install APK from external card to the device.

It has some drawbacks like crashing sometimes and singular-task performing in multiple steps.

You will hit some commercial ads the app runs to fund the project. It is understandable that it shouldn’t be something too irritate for a free app.
Generally speaking, it paves an easy way to install APK apps fast and convenient. 

It is also free of charge on the store. So, there shouldn’t be any complaint.

SD card app installer



With this app, you will have a directory tab to name the files you have loaded on the SD card.

It functions similarly to other installers that install .apk format to your Android device.

There is a search bar where you can locate the app by type the name of it in case you have a huge collection in the card.

It is said to work quick and easy and got plenty of positive feedback from users.

Smart APK Installer

This installer offers a simple platform to perform the task. It provides a filter for you to locate the APK files faster.
From the screen of this app, you can perform multiple tasks such as deleting files, batching installing. You can also send the file to your friends via email

It will install the desired app you want from the SD card to your Android device. Just tap on the install button and follow the instruction. You will soon find the application shows up on your device screen.

Get more about the world of apk games and apps at

App backup Restore – Transfer



This multifunctional app works in backing up your personal data. It also keeps the archived logs to restore anytime you want.

The backup feature saves your apps in any case you need to reinstall.

The extra advantage it offers is the virus scanner to secure your phone better. 

You will other functions like auto-backup and cloud backup, sharing files, checking file info. This all-in-one app is the true greatest app for Android.

Most importantly, it works as an APK extractor and installer at the same time. You can mount the SD card with the package in it and run the app to unrar and install them in a blink.

However, keep in mind that this app may take a significant space in your internal storage. The small room may cause it to crash or lag while launching.

Final thought

Besides the support of the installer apps, APK files get more useful and convenient over time. They enable you to enjoy the full features of an app despite the limitation of the Play Store.

Apps that come with the file manager feature are even better for managing the applications you installed.

All in all, any of these APK installers for Android allow you to have the file type installed and is worth a try.
You will soon find your favorite app in the list. Good luck.


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