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Why Scrubs & Exfoliators is Important For Skin - Aroma Magic

Exfoliation or Scrubbing is removal of the dead skin from the body to clean the pores
and regenerate the skin. Exfoliation naturally eliminates the troubles such as flaky
skin or overly active sebum glands producing excess oil. The visible blemishes and
dead skin cells can also be repaired through exfoliation for a smoother skin.

Exfoliation should always be done gently, as it removes a layer of your dead cells. In
winters, the skin gets dry and flaky so gentle exfoliation should be done to take off
the dead cells and expose young, healthy skin. However, for the areas of your body
which gets dry more, like knees and elbows, use a scrub that’s moisturising and
hydrating as well.

So to get the glowing, fresh and rejuvenated skin, you can choose from the amazing
scrubs and exfoliator range of Blossom kochhar aroma magic with natural, skin
friendly ingredients and minus all the sulphates, parabens & artificial fragrances or

Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub

With the goodness of natural exfoliators such as cornflower and grain meal, this
scrub gently gets rid off all the dead cells and dry skin to reveal the beautiful smooth
and fresh skin. With the blend of tea tree, rose and lavender essential oils this scrub
works miracle for dull skin and will keep the skin radiant and moisturised.

Aroma Magic Coffee Bean Scrub

For the mature skin & dry skin, this scrub can reverse the time and make your
wrinkles go away, and reduces fine lines, age spots and overall ageing. The
combination of juniper berry, lemon grass and grapefruit essential oil, it detoxifies
the skin and rebalances it. It revives the natural glow of the skin and keeps it

Aroma Magic Peppermint Exfol Gel

This exfoliating gel suits the troubled skin with blackheads and is gentle on the
pimples too. Enriched with active enzymes, it makes the skin blemish free, dissolves
the dry flakes and filter the impurities. It is not harsh on the sensitive skin as the
blend of lavender & peppermint essential oils created protective barrier for the skin
while cleansing it deeply to fight off pollution and grimes.

How to use:

Scrubbing should be done gently as it removes a layer of the dead skin. The
exfoliating agents, if massaged harshly can cause irritations to the skin. Thus, apply
the scrub on your face and neck, massage gently with wet fingers and rinse off.

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