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Several years ago, when Bill Clinton was president of the US and Madaleine Albright was Secretary of State, SNAG sponsored a juried show asking its members to design and make a pin for her. She was known for wearing spectacular pins on her suit lapels. The last two Governors General of Canada have been women who have promoted Canadian designers in the clothing they wear at official events. It has occurred to me that MAG could set up a juried show asking its members to design a piece of jewellery for our current GG, Michaele Jean. I think with the SNAG show, the winning piece was given to Albright. I'm not sure how much longer Jean will be GG - so that could be a problem, if she's leaving soon. What do you think?

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I think it's a wonderful idea...I'm in...thanks Sandra....Linda Brown
It does sound interesting. I would definitely get involved. The MAG board is meeting this Thursday (19th) at 7:00pm. Perhaps we could discuss it in more depth? We could set up a skype call or just a regular conference call if you are interested? Or email me directly with your ideas and I could present them to the board.
Sara Cummins
Great idea!

The Rt Hon MJ was appointed in Sept 2005, and the term is 5 yrs w/possibility of extending to 7 (according to the CBC website). So she's in office for another 18 mos, at least.

I missed the last Bd meeting (work deadlines), but will check in & see what I missed re: this excellent suggestion.

Here's the summary I wrote for Sara to present to the Board:

I was thinking of a juried show inviting MAG members to design a piece of jewellery for the Governor General. There could be a broad scope to the call for entry including ironical, humourous, regal, official, fashionable etc. Seeing that the GG promotes Canadian designers in the clothing she wears (at least I think she does), it would provide MAG with an opportunity to promote Canadian jewellery designer-makers. I think we could generate a ton of publicity for the show and it might generate also more interest on the part of galleries to hosting the show Canada-wide. I guess we'd have to get Michaele Jean onside and have her approval...

With the American show I'm remembering - that made pins for Madeleine Albright - I think the winning piece was given to her (or perhaps she selected one from the show... there might be a way to find out - on the other hand we can make our own rules). I don't know if such a piece would then be the property of Jean, or belong to the office of GG and be owned by the Canadian people (in which case it might go into the Museum of Civilization). After typing that - I'm thinking that might be the best thing to do - donate it to the MCC (they have the Massey Craft collection after all), after her term ends.

Unlike the American show, I don't think it necessarily would need to be limited to one type of jewellery (i.e. pin), but on the other hand, that might make for an interesting show. The problem becomes how to include hollowware if it were to organized as the usual juried MAG show.
Hey Sanda,
I really love the idea. I don't know the rules about MAG and its shows, with regards to hollow ware etc...
Metalsmith magazine's exhibition in print very often has theme specific shows that does not include all makers. So perhaps MAG can do the same.

This would not be a very expensive show to travel, crate wise:) I would be interested in trying to find a gallery in New Brunswick to host this. The home of Our Lieutenant Governor, Government House in Fredericton has a lovely gallery. (Ask Lois and Mary K M..) The Group of silversmiths I belong to had a show there a few years ago. We were treated like gold.

Also I often have a project for my students with a customer in mind, and they usually buy a piece in the end. One year, the lady bought three brooches:)
Hi Brigette. thanks for the support for the idea. I haven't heard anything back from the MAG Board - so I don't know if they are considering it or if they discussed it. I still think it would be a good idea, and I think, Iike you, that we might find Galleries interested in it because of the obvious publicity cache.
In regards to a Hollowware category for the theme of this prospective holloware not table jewellery...I'm sure the GG keeps a lovely table.
Hi Sandra; What a great idea. I would enjoy being involved. A thought....hollowware as container for a piece of jewellery?
Thanks. Marianne Brown
That's a good idea. I'm sure where there's a will, there's a way to be inclusive.
This is a great idea.

I just moved here and I have some time and would like to get invovled.

Perhaps the winning entry could be come a part of a governement art collection, after she leaves office. There may be a problem with her receiving expensive gifts to keep.

The big opportunity is to profile Canadian designers. A special reception or exibit could be held for retailers and large jewelry houses - Tiffany's, David Yurman, etc to profile and promote international firms selling jewelry by Canadian Designers and hiring Cqnadian Jewelry designers.

Hi there all!
We're having a Metal Arts Guild Show committee meeting this Thursday night at the MAG head office. We have been discussing this idea of a Show for the GG at the executive meetings and will be talking about it in more detail this week. We welcome all of you to attend and get involved! All are welcome to come in person, but we also teleconference through Skype with people in other cities. Contact me for the details (location and time or Skype i.d.) at treasurer at metalartsguild dot com.
Hope to see/hear you there!
Hi Kathryn - I tried emailing and it came back undelivered. So I guess I'll try this way. If you think it would be helpful to have me on a teleconference on Thurs night, I could arrange it. I have not used Skype, but could figure it out ;-) I don't know that I have much more to add, other than what's been posted here - but if it would help - let me know.


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