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Mobile Application Development: In-House or Offshore Development?

Mobile apps are providing convenience and ease to the customers and service providers. Mobile app development companies are also competing with each other to provide better services to customers with advanced features. People are using mobile apps for various purposes including watching videos, chatting, listening to music, reading news and updates on social media platforms, messaging, etc. The number of mobile apps on the mobile store is constantly increasing. Every mobile app helps the user with a specific solution and to meet their requirements.

Everything from doing transactions, ordering products or services to monitoring campaigns and posting on social media or on a blog site is done through the mobile app in smartphones. There are two important sides of the mobile app development including in-house mobile app development and offshore development of the mobile app. Businesses and companies operating in various industries are selecting either in-house or are outsourcing mobile app development based on the needs and requirements.

Below are some of the pros and cons of both in-house and offshore mobile app development.

In-House Mobile App Development

Companies are selecting in-house mobile app development owing to the cost-efficiency, simple, quick, and offering better control to companies to keep an eye on the development and process of mobile app development.

Advantages of In-House Mobile App Development

  • It provides transparency in operations during the development process.
  • Option to select quality developers at affordable prices.
  • Better control over the mobile app development operation and project.
  • Access to various options while selecting innovative technology.

Disadvantages of In-House Mobile App Development

  • Initial cost is quite high, especially for setting-up the infrastructure.
  • Exorbitant fees to obtain certificates and licenses that are necessary to purchase software tools and app codes.
  • Chances of additional cost are high in case of developers getting stuck somewhere in the middle of the development process. This may also result in the need to get help from external consultants.

Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Majority of the companies are also focusing to hire dedicated offshore developers for the mobile app development project. Companies are hiring offshore experienced developers to save time, and get the superior quality mobile app. However, the app development fees are high in case of outsourcing app development.

Advantages of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

  • Quick start of work and operations on app development without wasting time on market formalities.
  • The fixed cost of development and delivery results in minimum risk.
  • Development work is done faster owing to the better experience and resources by expert mobile app developers.
  • Companies can focus on other important tasks and business operations.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

  • No control over the mobile app development process.
  • Dependency on other business enterprises to plan the core business operations of the company.
  • Complicated business operations and services with even small changes in the app adding to the overall cost of the app development.
  • In the case of offshore development or outsourcing development cost of the app development is based on the per hour basis.

Mobile apps have become common and the most popular and used feature in the smartphones. Product differentiation is one of the focus areas of developers and companies to provide a unique app with new features.

Some of the Primary Features in the Mobile Applications are as Follows

  • Simple functionality with a wide range of choices
  • High productivity rate with better communication facility
  • Custom mobile apps are considered best for monitoring employees
  • Selecting in-house or offshore app development based on the needs and requirements.

Companies decision to hire dedicated offshore developers or in-house developers depend on the cost factor including investment in the app development and risk taking capacity. Unique mobile apps with new features provide competitive advantage to businesses in technically advanced world.

Changing Scenario of the Mobile App Development World

Mobile app development has become an important part of the business, hence, identifying the best development process or technique has become necessary for business across various industries. Deciding or selecting a particular method of mobile app development is difficult with changing scenario. Hence, depending on the cost, risk factor, time, and requirements, companies select offshore development or in-house app development. Some of the companies are also focusing on using both the app development option and select a combined package.



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