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Ethical Metalsmiths Group

To provide education, support and a forum to exchange ideas regarding responsibly-sourced fine jewellery materials (i.e. recycled mill products, fair-trade gemstones, and laboratory-grown gems).
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Résonance exhibiton

"For more information on this fantastic exhibiton you can visit our website: Our Facebook:École-de-Joaillerie-de-Montréal-142299212106/ The Guild Canadienne des Métiers…"
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École de Joaillerie de Montréal posted photos
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École de Joaillerie de Montréal posted photos
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École de Joaillerie de Montréal posted photos
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                                                                                                                                             LA GUILDE CANADIENNE DES MÉTIERS D’ART                   …

                                                                                                                                             LA GUILDE CANADIENNE DES MÉTIERS D’ART                                                                                                                 THE CANADIAN GUILD OF CRAFTS                                                                                                                  BIENTÔT 110 ANS D’EXCELLENCE…See More
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2015 AGM Notice

Hello Members,

This is simply a notice to save the date and stay tuned to the precise 'when and where' of our Annual General Meeting. The AGM will take place in the evening of Friday the 23rd of October in downtown Toronto (as it has always been so far). An agenda will be forwarded within 2 weeks of that date and any interest or query can be directed to Calvin Munroe at . I will get back to everyone as soon as I can with as much assistance as I'm able to provide.

The President, Vice-President, Treasurer positions of the executive service terms of 2 years are up for nominations. Additionally there is room on the board for general members to participate as "members-at-large". All prospective nominees will be announced after the September board meeting; additional nomination can also be taken from the floor of the AGM. Should you have interest please let us know.

Last year the AGM was the bare bones basics and considering we are operating with executive and committees of slightly fewer numbers than is ideal, the operations are moving well and resources for members are in a standard state. The coming year is where you, dear MAGC member, come into full effect. To continue moving forward with planning and development, MAGC needs your assistance. To continue providing the benefits and resources MAGC has built and to build upon that foundation we are calling for volunteers with sincere interest, needed skills/aptitude, and a little bit of regular time to put into this metal arts community we all benefit from and value. Please give some thought to what way you might be of service to our guild. In my next AGM communication I will highlight some key committees and positions that need more hearts, minds and hands.

If you intend to attend the AGM it would help us greatly if you would let me know. Future years the AGM will return to the fun and fabulous gatherings of previous General Meetings with prominent keynote speakers, presentations, possible workshops, pin exchanges and general revelry but this year the needs have taken priority over the desires and so it is for the AGM. We're planning to be officious and effective to take care of the business at hand and including some socializing and shop talk in the mix, with little doubt. To estimate needs or limitations for accommodating those wanting to attend it would help greatly to accurately estimate attendance.

Thank you all very much for your attention and consideration. You will hear from me again very soon. If you have questions before then, please get in touch.

Kind regards,
Calvin Munroe

Summer 2015

Don't forget to check out our video section! We have MAG and MAG Member videos uploaded.

MAGazine - 2015


Congratulations to Rio Grande for winning the prestigious ADDY Award from the American Advertising Foundation. Check out the campaign below, and visit page 21 (or 23 depending on your viewer) of the following PDF link for more information.

ADDY Winner Book 2015

April 2015

Governor General's Awards in Visual and Media Arts

The Metal Arts Guild of Canada would like to congratulate Paul McClure

Paul McClure is an outstanding jewellery artist, designer, educator, mentor, curator, writer and community-arts activator, and is one of the driving forces in Canadian fine craft today….

His jewellery is a personal and corporate commentary about the body – as physical site and a topic. The intersection of art and science (biology, pathology and genetics) is of particular interest. … His pieces convey ideas about our relationship with our bodies, gender subversion, and social mores surrounding disease and death.

A sublime metalsmith… he is dedicated to concept research and experimentation in order to expand the boundaries of his own practice and contemporary jewellery in Canada.

– Melanie Egan (nominator), Head, Craft & Design, Harbourfront Centre


April 23rd through 25th, 2015

Eleven internationally acclaimed Saskatchewan artists will be showcasing the diversity of their work and engaging the public. The Conexus Art Centre, Jacqui Shumiatcher Room will be transformed into a gallery where each artist is available to answer questions and provide information centred around their individual art practice and chosen medium. From painting to jewellery, glass, handmade instruments, porcelain , wood and stone sculpture the ReginArt 2015 exhibition and sale promises to meet and exceed any art collector’s expectation.

One of the objectives of the event is the active engagement of the public. Plans are underway to welcome teachers and school groups during the day Thursday and Friday. It is the collective goal of ReginArt 2015 to open conversation between artists and students who may be considering an artistic career path. Artists aim to communicate and educate openly about income possibilities, the diversity and personal fulfillment an art career has to offer.

ReginArt 2015 represents the following artists: Jacqueline Berting and James Clark (glass and metal), Peter Sawchyn (guitar maker), Dale Lowe (wood turning), Mary Lynn Podiluk (art jeweller & goldsmith), Val Moker (painter), Larry Trask (stone sculpture & painter ) and Denyse and Rod Simair (crystalline porcelain), Lloyd Dubois (First Nations painting) and Morley Maier (handmade willow baskets).

ReginArt 2015 provides a convenient location with complementary parking and free admission to all visitors. The diverse exhibition and sale is open to the public on Thursday, April 23rd, 1:00 pm through 5:00 pm; Friday, April 24th from 10:00 am through 8:00 pm and April 25th, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

February/March 2015

Craft Ontario - Crafting Sustainability Conference



Crafting Sustainability is a two-day conference that brings together makers, researchers, educators, and students to interrogate the pairing of craft and sustainable practice. Co-organized by Craft Ontario and the Material Art and Design Department (MAAD) at OCAD University, the conference offers a platform for assessing the role of craft in fostering new paradigms for production and consumption in the 21st century.

Idea exchange and debate will be framed by questions that address what it means to be a responsible maker in a contemporary context. If sustainability is grounded in the principles of ecological responsibility, social equity, and economic viability, what models exist for craft adopting these principles to advance the health of communities? Do the embodied processes of craft production hold clues for new modes of knowledge and appreciation? Where do the challenges lie in translating craft methodologies to late-capitalist consumer culture?

Crafting Sustainability will be held at OCAD University, located in the Auditorium (190) at 100 McCaul Street, Toronto. Please see Program for dates and times, and Directions for wayfinding.

Generous support for the Crafting Sustainability conference is provided by the Canada Council for the Arts, and the Ontario Arts Council.

Come Eat With Us


An exhibition inspired by the 2015 Crafting Sustainability conference co-organized by Craft Ontario and the Material Art & Design Department (MAAD) at OCAD University.

The exhibition offers a platform for discussing craft and sustainable practice while fostering new paradigms for production and consumption in the 21st century. Sustainability is grounded in the principles of ecological responsibility, social equity, and economic viability. As makers and designers we have the power to influence social culture through the utensils and materials related to the preparation or consumption of food while challenging the conspicuous paradigm of contemporary consumer culture. In cultures around the world the preparation, consumption and rituals associated with food are achieved using dishes and implements often made of ceramics, metal and fibre. Craft has the power to reassert the enduring object, replacing that which is ephemeral and disposable.

The convenience of fast food is being challenged by the “slow food movement”, in which food preparation is considered a sensation to be savored and enjoyed as much as the meal itself. Material objects define the parameters of these fast and slow food movements and illustrate the trend toward sustainable practices in both food production and consumption. Participants were encouraged to challenge their own perceptions around the issues of food and sustainable craft practices in the creation of work that invites the viewer to “Come Eat With Us.”

During the opening of the exhibition Setsuko Sanagawa, Helen Kong and Sorlie Madox will be performing a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony to illustrate how tradition and food rituals can help sustain a culture. Please join us!

#ACADCreates Catalyst Annual Report

As part of their role as a centre of excellence for education and research, and a catalyst for creative inquiry and cultural development, ACAD publishes a series of gallery limited edition catalogues, student publications, and College reports throughout the year. ACAD is proud of our long history of research and critical thought, and publications such as our Catalyst magazine focus each year on showcasing the inspiring work done by our faculty and students, as well as by our Alumni from around the world. There are a couple of short exposes on ACAD faculty – Dee Fontans and Jeff DeBoer.  Jeff DeBoer was a guest speaker at a past MAGC AGM.

They just released their Annual Report:

CHARLES LEWTON-BRAIN - Bench Tricks Workshop and Lecture

Joailliers expérimentés, voyageurs ou grands techniciens, nos conférenciers viennent partager leur savoir-faire, toujours avec passion et générosité. Les calendriers sont mis à jour en début de session.
Pour soumettre une conférence, contactez Claudia Gravel.
Prenez note qu’il est nécessaire de réserver votre place pour assister aux conférences. Pour ce faire, contactez Katherine David, au 514-281-9922 poste 201.

Vendredi le 27 février, 17h30
Conférence en anglais

Charles Lewton-Brainstudied and worked in Europe and North America. He lectures and publishes internationally on his research into rapid manipulation of metal and it’s surface for artistic and manufacturing purposes. He invented Fold-Forming, an internationally recognized new approach to working sheet metals. Head of the Jewellery/Metals Program at the Alberta College of Art and Design, he writes, exhibits and works in his studio. He thinks of himself as an artist who works primarily in the context of body ornament. He is a founding partner in the world’s largest free educational web site for jewellers,

Durée: 90 minutes


Gloria Hickey is an independent curator and writer living in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador with more than 250 published craft related articles. She holds a Masters degree in Philosophy of Art from the University of Toronto (1981) and has curated major exhibitions. She has also published a chapter in the book The Culture of Craft (Manchester University Press 1997) and has edited two books published by the Canadian Museum of Civilization – Common Ground: Contemporary Craft, Architecture and the Decorative Arts (1999) and Making and Metaphor: A Discussion of Meaning in Contemporary Craft (1994). She is a two-time winner of the Betty Park Award for Critical Writing, and received the 2010 award for Cultural Leadership in the Atlantic Region. In 2011, she was the first winner of the Critical Eye award in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Check out her blog here.

January 2015


Don't forget to check out our "Opportunities" tab for new call for entries, events, and exhibitions to participate in!

Registration OPEN: CanIRON X

EVENT DAY: July 2nd-5th, 2015, Nova Scotia

Blacksmiths, metal enthusiasts, sculptors, artists, and individuals seeking something out of the ordinary, are making their travel plans to the rugged and beautiful island of Cape Breton, off the east coast of Canada. They will travel by air, sea, and ground; over the picturesque rural hills of Cape Breton and along the pristine waters of the Bras d’Or Lakes. Arriving on the shore of Baddeck Bay in the historic village of Baddeck, where the ringing of anvils and the fires of the forge will welcome them to CanIRON X, a celebration and convention on the craft of blacksmithing. 
Drawn together by an art form that has played a pivotal role in the history of human society and culture, organizers are expecting hundreds of people to participate in CanIRON X. Visitors can attend lectures, watch blacksmithing demonstrations or take instructional classes. They can also visit an ironworks gallery, learn about the heritage of blacksmithing in Canada, stroll through a vendors market, and enjoy food, drink and conversation with the international blacksmithing community. 


Canada Craft Year 2015: Naked Craft Exhibition

MAG Platinum member Claudio Pino will be presenting a few rings for the Canada Craft Year 2015 at the "Naked Craft Exhibition". Curators : Denis Longchamps, Juliette Macdonald, Arno Verhoeven, and Sandra Alfoldy.

Here is the schedule of this travelling show:
Art Gallery of Burlington (June 20 to September 6 2015)
Materia, Quebec City(September 26 to November 28 2015)
Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax (January 14 to April 10 2016).

CONCEAL / REVEAL - MAGazine Exhibition in Print 2014

The Exhibition in Print is out! A big thank you to everyone who came together to make this issue a success.

Congratulations to all our participants!


Elizabeth Goluch, Snail (Slow Journey Home)


Paul W. Leathers, Secret, anyone's is open, if waited for long enough (90) v2.0


Claudio Pino, The Golden Chameleon


Shuang Feng, Commitment - Vincent Van Gogh

November News

Early Bird Registration Open for CanIRON X

Canada’s Next National Blacksmithing Event

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada (November 10, 2014) – The Cape Breton Blacksmiths Association (CBBA) has opened registration for the 10th Canadian National Blacksmithing Conference, CanIRON X. The event is happening July 2nd – 5th, 2015 in the historic village of Baddeck, Nova Scotia; Canadian home to legendary inventor Alexander Graham Bell.

Prolific and acclaimed metal sculptor Albert Paley of Rochester, NY, will be giving a two-day lecture on design during the conference, while a line-up of prominent blacksmiths from the U.S., Canada, and Europe demonstrate and teach techniques and methods of forging metal.

“This event is not just for people who are practicing blacksmiths,” says CBBA president, Grant Haverstock. “It will inspire artists and designers of all media, anyone with an involvement or interest in metal, and those who are totally unfamiliar with the craft.”

“Artists will be showcasing pieces of ironwork in a gallery showcase, there will be a youth-led component for young smiths, a vendors section, great musical entertainment and plenty of forging. This is all, of course, in addition to the outstanding headlining blacksmith demonstrations and lectures we have arranged.”

The four-day CanIRON X event will also celebrate the blacksmithing craft as part of Canada’s Craft Year in 2015 and the International Year of Light.

For More Information:

Grant Haverstock, President
(902) 756 – 4766

La Pai 7th Annual Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition

Saturday, November 29th, 1-5p.m.

LIKE L. A. Pai Gallery on FACEBOOK and FOLLOW L. A. Pai Gallery on TWITTER for more news

Art Jewellery Forum - Shows & Tales

Keep tuned into Art Jewellery Forum's upcoming book - Shows & Tales!

With the jewelry community's help, AJF has gone above and beyond its Kickstarter goal of $12,000.

Keep telling everyone you know about this project--support this book so we can make an even better publication that supports the field of contemporary jewelry. 

Backing for jewelry books, exhibitions, and projects isn't easy to come by. 

Shows & Tales will be a 200-page paperback book with flaps and full-color illustrations. The book will be edited and designed by Benjamin Lignel.

While the topic of exhibition making occupies an ever more important place in art theory, there has never been a publication on the subject with jewelry as its focus. Shows & Tales aims to remedy this absence. The book will provide an historical overview of jewelry exhibitions, an understanding of the challenges in showing jewelry in public spaces, and insight into what curation can do to jewelry objects. Shows & Tales aims to help professional and amateur curators articulate the relative importance of selection, mediation, and experience design, and question their assumptions about display conventions.

Sante Fe Symposium

9th Annual Santa Fe Symposium® Accepting Registrations Now:

Learn About the Latest Jewelry Research & Innovation for Jewelers

Registration is open, and now is the time for professionals in the jewelry industry to seize a unique

opportunity! Every year, the Santa Fe Symposium® on Jewelry Manufacturing Technology invites

jewelry professionals from around the world who are working to know more and build businesses

success. Throughout the 31⁄2 days of this renowned conference, casters, manufacturers and

entrepreneurs enjoy presentations on state-of-the-art techniques, new research, and the latest

innovations in the jewelry industry. Each day, and well into the evening, opportunities abound to meet

with colleagues, discuss ideas, and build professional networks. Register now to attend the Symposium

on May 17–20, 2015, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

For 2015, presentation topics range from methods for blackening silver to internet marketing to

investment casting of titanium to digital design to brand building—it's all here and there will be a great

deal that could directly benefit you and your business. Says Eddie Bell, the driving force behind the

Symposium, “There is one reason I attend Santa Fe Symposium year after year without fail: I learn

more there than I do through the rest of the year.”

The jewelry industry sees floods of new technologies in each and every year, from thermoplastics

to shifting regulations and business requirements to 3D computer-aided jewelry design. Santa Fe

Symposium attracts professionals from the most successful companies in the industry, professionals

who are eager to combine tried-and-true techniques with innovative technology that expands the limits

of jewelry design and manufacture. The result is a unique integration of art and science that inspires

innovative design and production methodology in ways that were unheard of just a few short years ago.

“The Symposium is all about the science of making jewelry and, for me, it is a lot more than that,” says>

Gary Dawson, professional designer/goldsmith and six-time presenter at the Symposium, “It is the

opportunity to meet people who are every bit as passionate about making jewelry as I am and to share

and absorb that passion during every waking moment.”

Registration for Santa Fe Symposium is now open; the conference will be held May 17–20, 2015,

in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Scholarships are available to a few qualified applicants; because the

number varies from year to year based on sponsorship levels, early application is encouraged. For

more information, visit or contact the Rio Grande marketing department at

505.839.3249 or toll-free at 800.952.6222.



Entries have now closed for the MAGC 2014 Exhibition in Print, "Conceal/Reveal".

By midnight on Friday, 31 October, we had received entries from MAGC members across the country from British Columbia to Newfoundland, and from as far afield as Las Cruces, New Mexico!


The works curated by Ken Vickerson (Chair of Material Arts and Design at OCAD University) will form the 2014 MAGC Exhibition in Print, Conceal/Reveal, and will be showcased in the December 2014 issue of MAGazine and on the MAGC website.

Congratulations to this year's entrants – you have done us, and yourselves, very proud!

For more information, please visit:



  • Exhibition in Print 2014 published: December 2014


    Please email Mary K. McIntyre or Tara Owen

  • To become a member of MAGC, visit:

Craft Year 2015

Craft Year is a year-long, nation-wide festival aimed at promoting craft as a key player in Canadian Culture. The type of events we are looking for can include craft exhibitions, fairs, book launches, open houses, conferences, workshops, competitions, publications, community events and more. All events registered for Craft Year 2015 will be displayed here on our website for the whole world to see.

In the first launch of Craft Year in 2007 over 700 events took place, deeming it as an international hit. This lead to an expanded high profile of activity such as the invitation to Canada as the special guest country at the 2009 Cheongju International Craft Biennale in Cheongju, South Korea.

There are two ways in which to participate: you can re-brand your already planned events for 2015 with the Craft Year logo, which can be found on the official website, or you can take the initiative to help us set the stage for craft in Canada by creating new activities/events designed specifically for Craft Year, or you could do both.

Charles Lewton-Brain, Calgary AB. Photo Credit Lauren Voisin


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